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Mobile-friendly Internet Marketing Systems/Squeeze Pages – Online Lead Capture
Now more than ever consumers regularly use their mobile phones to seek out information. Here are some important points to consider: 95% of smart phone users have looked for local information and mobile has 10 times the redemption rate than printed coupons. An estimated 93% of smartphone owners use their devices while at home and an average of 82% of local business websites are not optimized for mobile phones. Soon more smart phones will connect to the internet than computers. That is why it is imperative to get your website “mobile ready” and make Mobile Marketing part of your everyday marketing program.

You see it’s not enough to simply mail postcards, place an ad or make cold calls. After all, these options only work as long as you’re driving the machine and making them happen. When you leave town, when you go to bed, when you take a day off work, these lead generating tactics stop working…to the detriment of your business. Your mobile responsive squeeze page is one solution to managing your marketing 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

When properly constructed each squeeze page provides simple benefits to the user. It will not only advertise your products and services but it will pre-qualify your leads so you know the follow-ups you perform are much more apt to lead to success.

Automated Marketing Solutions delivers cost-effective, attractive mobile website strategies that help your business connect with millions of mobile users nationwide. Our proven mobile websites and apps help you stand out from the crowd and drive mobile in real-time.

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This type of product requires no maintenance on your part so it runs worry free in the background while you focus on the things you need to do. The squeeze page allows you to communicate an important message that facilitates the sale, with your specific compelling reasons for viewers to choose your product or service. You demonstrate the benefits the user will derive, you can tell a complete story about your product or service, back it up with testimonials and you can insert a number of “calls to action”. The use of video or audio on a squeeze page or landing page is often used and very effective in communicating your message.

All of this helps qualify your customer, collects their user information and allows your business to run 24 x 7. And don’t forget that this is Direct Response Marketing. Direct Response Marketing techniques have been successfully used for more than 100 years to sell everything from hearing aids to lawn care. So you can’t afford not to incorporate this solution into your overall marketing strategy.

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