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Automated Marketing Solutions offers a wide variety of tools to help business owners automate their marketing process. Each of these tools can be easily integrated with each other making your marketing process seamless and hands free.

For more detailed information on our products, please select from the links below:

  • Marketing Mentoring Services

    One on one consulting will help you and your marketing staff to strategically plan out your sales and marketing goals and create a plan for success. We provide full training on all of our tools. We can assist you and your company on methods to measure your marketing success, discuss areas for improvement and introduce new methodologies.

  • 800 Toll Free Record Message Hotlines

    Toll Free Recorded Message Hotlines are the simplest and fastest vehicle to start up your marketing campaign. It is important, however, to know the different types and when and how to use them. AMS provides a complete suite of Recorded Message Hotline products, all forward compatible with our LMS or Lead Management System. With its tracking and reporting functionality, you will never have to waste another penny on marketing that isn’t working.

  • Mobile Landing Pages

    Until recently most desktop websites were never designed with mobile in mind. Websites that are not mobile optimized provide the end user with a bad experience in many cases leaving your un-mobilized site for a site which is mobile friendly. Fonts can be too small to read, images do not scale properly and any flash within your site will cause big problems on mobile. With AMS’ Mobile Landing Pages and USP Tree hotline with SMS Mobile connect, Business Owners receive a second chance for prospects to become a viable lead.

  • Voice Broadcasting

    Voice Broadcasting | Autodialer: This simple marketing strategy allows you to maintain contact with all of your clients and prospects. It softly, yet effectively, builds up a relationship and credibility between your business and your account base. Discover today how you can Multiply Your Profits, Minimize Your Efforts with Voice Broadcasting!