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Hotlines may have been THE most profitable discovery of my entire real estate career. Not only have my hotlines saved me time (at least 20 hours per week or 80 hours per month), but they’ve also increased my business exponentially.

Craig Proctor

“It’s the 21st Century, and if you’re not using today’s technology available to increase your responses (and sales) by 200% or more, like all my clients and students do… you’re making the biggest marketing mistake you could make.

Automated Marketing Solutions has the two things every business owner or sales person must have: Easy to use, inexpensive tools to capture leads in ways you would not otherwise get; and, a complete understanding of real direct marketing.

Bottom line, if you’re not using automated marketing technologies; and if you’re not using Automated Marketing Solutions as your outsourced provider… you’re costing yourself a fortune in lost cash you cannot afford to lose!

Jeff Paul, President, Hidden Profits Advertising, Inc

When I met you at a Dan Kennedy seminar some time ago I was looking for a company that could be a one-stop shop for my company’s marketing technology needs. I had one company that had my toll free lines, another that did my transcriptions of my leads, another to purchase my lists from and yet another to actually do the fax broadcast, list management and voice broadcast I wanted to do.

You were able to bring this all together for me and simplify this for me. It’s much easier dealing with one supplier than four. I find your staff very knowledgeable and customer service is top notch. Further I know that whatever deal we strike you will honor it. When I am choosing business partners it is important to me that the people that I am dealing with are honest, reliable and have a great deal of integrity. You have always come out on top in these areas.

Oh and last but not least your services are competitive with other vendors. So why would I want to deal with 4 suppliers? Thanks for the support I know our partnership (that is how I view our relationship) will continue to grow and prosper in the future.”

Rory Fatt, President, Restaurant Marketing Systems

The response is probably more than 3 times the original response we had, so we’re thrilled with that and it is an enormous part of what we do. It’s in all our advertising of all our properties.

Daniel Griffen Jr. Hyannis, MA

Thanks to AMS, my life is fun, easy and profitable. Best of all, the freedom you’ve given me through your technology has allowed me complete control of my life, my business, and most importantly my income. Now every single day I’m thrilled to come to work because it doesn’t even feel like work and what more could you ask for?

Rick Brash, House Calls Real Estate Group

Lead tracking. Better utilization of advertising dollars because now we know what is bringing in leads!

Lester Cox Realty Executives

I have sold hundreds of homes as direct result of receiving 3-10 times more calls keeping my buyer’s agents very busy.

Todd Walters Todd Walters and Associates

Dan Kennedy has told us you need to track and test your ads that are the smart way to make the money. You don’t waste it on things that don’t make you the money and that are what these hotlines give you. It’s not just a hotline and a number, you’re getting reports. You can access it through the internet and it has saved me, of course, time, it’s saved me money and it’s also giving my clients what they want without me actually having to physically give it to them.

One of my niches is Golf & Country Club Homes. I’m not only putting out information about homes but also about Country Clubs.

I would have people that would ask me the same questions over and over again. Now I have all this information and they can get exactly what they want.

They know that I’m the expert in the market. I’m talking with hundreds of people and yet I’m not talking with any of them.

Jeff Taylor Charlotte, NC

It was on a Saturday and my cell phone was ringing like crazy and my pager buzzing on my waist at the same time. It occurred to me that all I was doing was taking phone calls. I knew there was a better way. Now with AMS Technology, I finally have my life back. No more calls at 6:00am on a Saturday. And best of all, prospects leave all their contact information and it’s a very warm call calling them back. Thanks AMS for allowing me to triple my business almost immediately!

Joe Adkins RE/MAX Realty Resources

Signed up for the Information Line 1 month ago and already had over 50 calls. I have had more leads than I have time in the day. AMS screens all of my calls, so that I only have to deal with the most serious and qualified prospects.

Jim Mauldwin Coldwell Banker Northern California

This AMS system should be called AUTOMATED MONEY MAKING SOLUTIONS. Thanks!!!

I’ve been using the Information and Tree Line both over one year and have closed over 25 Deals using these Hotlines. On a daily basis, I have READY, willing and able buyers and sellers (that you track) who call and search me out. As the name applies Automated Marketing Solutions has made my marketing organized, simple to use, inexpensive, traceable/measurable, and AUTOMATED.

Frank Bell Re/Max Teamwork

I have less stress, so I can actually enjoy my free time. Before, I didn’t want to get up in the morning because I didn’t feel I had anything to look forward to. With this system…I’m excited to see what I got on the burner!!!

Melanie Villanueva Re/Max Achievers

Before AMS my life was 24/7 mayhem. Now I’ve been using the Information Line for less than 3 months and the system already has helped me close a couple of deals. This is a great Non-threatening way to get customers to leave info and it makes them more qualified.

Roman Pavlik Re/Max Beach Properties

I had a distress sale property that was not on the hotline. I got over 100 calls to “call back” and once I put the property on the line I found my buyer and wrote the contract. There is absolutely a direct link between the number of calls and the prospects that I can work with. I made many deals with the help of the lines.

David Politzer Future Realty

I increased my gross income over $50 000 the 1st year (and growing) using the Information Line and Tree Line and Voice Broadcasting.

Tossie Griner Remax Savannah

Due to the seller calling the hotline, I was able to convince the seller to not only use me instead of their friend to sell their home, but they also let me sell them their new home as well. (over $10, 000 in commissions).

Tossie Griner Remax Savannah

Signed up for the Information Line just over a year ago and have gotten a bunch of sales (10-12) using AMS. Hotlines have dramatically changed my business by answering calls and sitting and sorting info, enabling me to call back and know why people have called and their time frame so I can easily book appointments.

Rosa Capozzi Coldwell Banker

25 sales with the Information Line for over one year and USP Property Tree Line for 9-12 months. Hundreds of people leave very detailed messages that lead to immediate buyer’s contracts and sales.

Thank you AMS! Kevin P Meyer

I am able to track to see where I am spending money and what works and what doesn’t.

Charlotte Pate Century 21 American Properties

Before using AMS I was “Chained” to my cell phone and pager. You have saved me time and money!! Thanks AMS!!

Renee Woods Realty Success Systems

I would like to attest that my toll free AMS hotline has been one of my most beneficial real estate investments.

I have utilized the information line for approximately three years, and consistently run editorial type ads in my local newspaper. These editorial ads generate a minimum of 50 calls every time I run the ads! The ads are great, but the hotline, being reliable and competitively priced, is the key to running an under-the-radar type of campaign to generate buyer and seller prospects.

I just wanted to say a sincere thank you to AMS for helping my business make a true Quantum Leap in the past 3 years, and also for keeping 4 Buyers’ Agents busy selling and listing homes on a consistent basis! Thanks again!”

Lisa Salt RE/MAX Vernon


A few insincere Buyers and Sellers would call on my cell phone! I would moan and groan when very few would buy or sell a home! I felt like I was in the Twilight Zone working all alone!


Thousands of Buyers and Sellers now phone! AMS Hotlines now automatically sift, sort, and pre-qualify them for a loan or to sell their home! I now very easily find or sell them homes to own for their very own!”

Frank Bell RE/MAX Teamwork, Realty

The Technology has been a Godsend for me and my company. We can run ads and track the results from the different mailboxes. The system is working 24/7 and we get most of our leads from this source. One quick story, I got a call from a lady on an ad for “Zero Down” Property listing. I sold her a condo, then a house two years later. Since we have been doing business, she has got into the mortgage business. We do business to this day!

Thanks for your help!

Walter Horton Available Real Estate

“AMS has helped my life in so many ways. It has helped my life by giving me more time off the phones to do things I have always wanted. I can now spend time with family and at the same time be getting leads calling into the hotline, qualifying them. AMS just keeps improving. For example, now instead of calling into my hotlines pushing the repeat button trying to write all the lead information down, I can now go online and check my leads from there. It is the easiest and most convenient process I have come across in Real Estate. So thank you AMS for improving my business and quality of life.”

Leo Holczer MJC Realty

“I believe Automated Marketing Solutions is the only automated hotline system that fully takes care of the prospect. It not only has a greeting for the message on the Property Tree Hotline, but it also gives the prospect several options for listening to our Unique Selling Propositions and listening to scripts on all our listings. The voice is always the same. It is not influenced by our present circumstances. The Information Hotlines offer tons of messages to influence prospects to leave their name and address asking for information. The automated setup between both hotlines allows us to run our ads and let the system captivate the prospects for us through the phone messages and addresses left behind. Where else can you go that has a system so well defined that truly does a complete job for the agent?

This setup can be used for numerous messages including The Gold Plan, always recorded in a professional and pleasant voice. Every prospect is treated the same. All we have to do is follow up on all the leads left behind. Never any cold calling. We don’t have to man the phones because the system does the job for us. We don’t have to be tied down to answering the phones because the system takes care of each prospect. The automated hotlines eliminate cold calling and free up our time to do other important matters that need to get done giving us more free time and get more things accomplished.”

Larry Hoezee Independence Realty

I have made a lot of sales off of my hotlines, both the Information Hotline and the Tree Hotline, so it’s hard to pick out one particular sale. People constantly call the hotlines because they get the info that they are looking for.

The hotlines have saved me a tremendous amount of prospecting time, I don’t really do any prospecting anymore so I have more time to be with actual buyers and sellers, and I actually have a life with my family. The hotlines are great because the calls are always coming in and I don’t have to take the phone calls, the people leave their information and I just follow up with them, that’s as simple as it gets. I can be playing golf or fishing with my son and daughter and be getting fresh new hot leads all day long. I have a big advantage over other agents in my area because people have to search them out, with my hotlines they get the info they want and also leave me their info so I can get started working with them and they like the prompt service rather then waiting for someone to return their phone call or putting the hard sell on them right from the start. You can’t go wrong with the hotlines. They are the best move that I have made by far.

John O’Neill Lake Oconee Real Estate

I am a strong believer in the concept of “service before salary” The AMS Hotline Services allows me the opportunity to provide my community with awesome free service and information 24/7, break down walls of sales resistance and build lasting relationships with families I may never have had the chance to serve if not for AMS services. Thanks!

Reina Soto Re/Max Home Traditions

The AMS Technology has helped us to sift and sort out potential clients and add additional ones to our client base.

R. Green RE/MAX

I’m new to real estate and just learning how to do things. One week when I had 60 messages left I decided to look at the reports page. I had 120 calls in the same time period. If I was answering these with my cell phone there would have been 60 interruptions of my work day from unmotivated clients in just that one week.

Jack Wisel Prudential California Realty

I wouldn’t think of doing business without hotlines! They make a great listing tool, especially if no one else is using them (and in areas where everybody uses them, why wouldn’t you?) My hotlines have saved me hours of time that would have been spent talking to tire kickers, and have enabled me to speak only to serious customers, making me much more efficient with my time.

Mike Kruskopf Coldwell Banker Western States Associates

Thanks AMS for your reliable service! I used to have an 800# line with another company. I went to a listing presentation to show the seller how it worked. When I dialed a pre recorded message about their home to have the seller listen, all I got was a busy signal (that wasn’t the first time). Needless to say-no listing. Now that I have the AMS system I don’t have to worry about that happening again! Furthermore I am now in negotiations to join forces with one of the TOP teams in my area. When we come together my listing inventory will go from 10 to 52! I believe that AMS will help me close that deal. A great value proposition!

Chas Wilson Keller Williams Premier Realty

“Before AMS my life was 24/7 mayhem. Now I’ve been using the Information Line for less than 3 months and the system already has helped me close a couple of deals. This is a great non-threatening way to get customers to leave info and it makes them more qualified.”

Roman Pavlik RE/MAX Beach Properties

Finally I’m seeing what form of ad is paying off. I love the tracking ability.

Marcia Reese RE/MAX Classic

It’s great!! AMS can sift and sort for me for qualified buyers and sellers.

Toua Xiong AmericAsian GMAC Real Estate

24 calls in 2 weeks. Zero calls before. I have new leads rolling in daily. Thanks AMS!

Olin Ford RE/MAX Ideal Properties

“The info/reports hotline is priceless. The more we educate our clients, the easier the transaction. With the automation aspect we spent virtually no wasted time with unqualified leads. We received a call from a 1st time home buyer, requesting the “Zero Down” Report. She is extremely unknowledgeable about the home buyer’s process. Through our system, she bought her first home! She loves us!

Martin Katerberg RE/MAX Metro

Great System!!! Hotlines have freed up my time to do what I do best!

Rob Neilsen Coldwell Banker Lifestyle Realty

AMS Technology has fielded over 100 calls for me within one month, and I can check at my leisure who has left me a message. No cumbersome phone calls at odd hours.

Daryn Berman Coldwell Banker

AMS services have been a great lead generator for buyers and sellers.

I received a call on the Information Hotline from a potential buyer who requested the Renters Report. The follow-up call was made to the prospective buyer who turns out had a very bad experience with a competitor. We did the buyer profile questionnaire with the buyer. We proceeded to write an offer to purchase which was accepted by the seller and recently closed on the property.

Neil A. McCarty Starr Realty

Before I used another hotline service and didn’t have any success. I’ve had both the Info Line and the USP Property Tree for 11 months and closed over 25 sales because of AMS hotlines. Prospects called into the USP at night and left a message. I called them the next day and sold it. Without it, wouldn’t have the 24-hour service.

In listing appointments we show the clients that our advertising works by showing them the reports. We ask them to ask the competition to prove their advertising works, of course they can’t!

Steve Glisan RE/MAX Properties

“The message is always the same, which is cool. I don’t have a chance to screw it up. My last three clients have come through the AMS system. Before Using AMS’ Hotlines I was nervous wreck, now I have freedom and Leads, Leads, Leads!”

Ray T. Moreno Landmark Brokers

“I’ve been using the Information Line, USP Line, and Voice Broadcasting for over a year. AMS Hotlines have allowed me more time to do what I need. I was basically a slave to my cell phone. I took all calls myself 24/7. I had no life. Now I have the freedom to run ads effectively and still get all my leads.”

George Greavu Your San Antonio Realtor

AMS Hotlines have simplified my life by sifting and sorting qualified buyers and sellers.

Harry Kimbrough Real Estate Firm Inc.

I just started with the AMS service and my 1st call resulted in a $600 000 sale at 3% commission = $18 000. Your systems are much more efficient and increase business.

Lon Simmons RE/MAX Results

I’ve been using the AMS Technology regularly and one of the best things I like telling people is while other agents are out at an open house or doing full time on the weekends I’m actually in the pool with my children all weekend long and I have 30 to 40 messages to return every single Monday morning – what a way to start the week!

I actually have them implemented so well that I would say right now that about 70% of all my listings are coming from the AMS Hotlines.

I will continue to utilize them …the hotlines are so easy, so primary, and so instantaneous that you don’t want to get away from that It works, you just stay with it. The hotlines are instrumental in building a foundation to your business.

Dennis Marks Boxford MA

We are currently using both the Property Tree and the Information Hotline for our business and we get anywhere from 60 to 80 requests per month regarding information for the different programs. We can convert that and break it down to probably another 2 to 4 deals a month that we would not otherwise have which more than pays for the cost of this program so I think it is a beneficial part of our program/business.

Well our business before the hotlines and all of this stuff was sporadic. We were out there looking for leads, now that we’ve got all of this in place we have more leads then we know what to do with.

Our challenge is not the leads; it’s getting back to the leads and keeping up with them and not letting any go to waste. That’s our biggest challenge!

Eric Putoto Kamloops, BC

The AMS Hotlines have made my life easier. I don’t have to cold call; I get calls coming into me. At least 50% increase in the business from the AMS technology, at least.

Eric Zoglauer Newton, MA