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The Learning Center – Your Marketing Automation Plan Part 2 – Capture Leads

The Learning Center – Your Marketing Automation Plan Part 2 – Capture Leads

In our last newsletter we uncovered the many ways to attract leads.  It’s equally important to have the tools in place to capture those leads effectively,

Capturing leads can be easy when you implement the proper tools and strategies.  Below are examples of some important lead capture methods:

  • Toll Free Recorded Message Hotlines
  • Mobile Ready Web Sites
  • QR Codes
  • Landing Pages (sometimes referred to as Squeeze Pages)
  • Newsletter Subscription, etc.

Whatever you select as a lead capture method(s) you should always provide an ‘Online’ and ‘Offline’ manner in which your prospects can request information from you.  People like choice and as per our tip above, you must never assume that everyone will go to just the internet for information.  So for example when running a campaign, always ensure that when you advertise, you provide a web address and a toll free number that the prospect can get a snippet of information from encouraging to leave their information in return.

You see, contrary to popular belief, the solution to closing more sales is not to withhold information but to give it—and freely.  Here’s what I mean.

More specifically, deliver information in the form of a FREE Special Report or Booklet or White Paper.  These are simple tools that give useful information to the reader while at the same time uncovering the benefits of your product or service. 

If you’re always trying to sell, you are seen as a salesman.  If you’re providing useful information that helps people solve their problems, you’re seen as a consultant or educator providing options to potential clients.  The more information you give prospects the more trust and confidence you will gain.  The reason being you’ve shown value for service.  Like the old adage says “you have to Give to Get”.  It’s the law of attraction principle.

With this approach you quickly become the trusted advisor.  And because you provided so much more value than the competition, because you’re right there in front of them, you become the only logical choice.

So here is the burning question.  How do you send prospects this information without getting their contact information first?  You can’t.  This is where your lead capture tools like toll free hotlines, web landing/squeeze pages etc. come into play.

To learn more about lead capture tools CLICK HERE or  CONTACT US to book a one on one consult call with an AMS Consultant.

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