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Voice Broadcasting

Voice Broadcasting

Voice Broadcasting allows you, the user, to send personal messages, from you, in your voice, to your prospects without actually having to make the calls yourself. Voice Broadcasting is the epitome of staying in touch technology. It is regular, consistent and personal.

Every single client you have ever served, every single prospect you have ever had contact with, all of these are maintainable with minimal effort. Essentially you never have to loose a customer or lead again.

You can e-mail a list of contact telephone numbers to AMS or up-load your own into the system. A message is then recorded by the user or one of AMS’ trained professionals and then a date and time is scheduled.

The broadcast goes out to all users at that time. Or, you can schedule a series of different messages to the same or different customers at a number of pre-determined times and dates as part of a regular campaign of contact. Schedule a special message every month acknowledging that month’s special product or service you provide or acknowledge Mother’s and Father’s Day and more.

Benefits of Voice Broadcasting

This simple marketing strategy allows you to maintain contact with all of your clients and prospects. It softly, yet effectively, builds up a relationship and credibility between your business and your account base.

The fact that most of this is web based means it couldn’t be simpler for you. And most important, this method of account management is one of the most economical available with average messages costing the user in the range of $0.14 per 1 minute message.

Reports, which are included in the service and are available on-line for your convenience, allow you to be sure that your message is being received so you have the option of grooming your contact list regularly. That way the message can be re-sent or you can choose to follow-up with the customer to say hi and confirm their information in your system has not changed. Never Lose Track of a Customer Again!

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