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Training Webinar – USP Property Tree – Everything You Should Know! [Part ONE]

Great News!  We have now added our second Kickstart Training webinar in our four-part series.  On the first Hotline Kickstart webinar you learned all the basics to get you started.  In this second addition we focus on the Branded USP Property Tree Hotline.  If you’ve purchased this hotline and haven’t started using it yet OR, if you are sitting on the fence about whether you should have one, this webinar is for you.  Here is what we cover:

  • The differences between the Information Line and the USP Property Tree, both from a marketing and functionality perspective.
  • We guide you in creating your custom greeting , choosing your USPs, and include the different ways in which you can record. *We also touch on creating greetings for a multi-language line (i.e. – French/Spanish/English)
  • Creating your property listing scripts; what to include, assigning script IDs, where to get sign riders, etc.
  • We touch on other features on this line such as enhanced notifications for FSBO’s and SMS notification.
  • And finally we cover off the most commonly asked questions about the USP Property Tree

We just hosted our first session on Tuesday, November 3rd and had a great turnout with lots of good questions.  If you weren’t able to make it to our Live USP Property Tree Kickstart Webinar CLICK HERE FOR REPLAY.

To ensure that you get the most from your USP Property Tree, be sure you take advantage of this training!

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